White Squall – First Theme Sketches


White Squall Demos

Here are some of the sketches that eventually lead to my first main theme for White Squall.

Sketch 1

The first sketch has only a small resemblance to the final melody. It’s a bit too florid and “Hollywood.”

Sketch 2

Even before playing anything for the director, I dropped most of the above ideas and moved onto something new. Going for a simpler approach, I did this sketch:

Final theme

And here’s a cue from the film using the final melody:


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Mark Berman March 2, 2013 at 7:26 pm

I love the soundtrack, really love the ska and rock steady music that was used in the movie. One song, I’ll call it the limbo song- was used twice in the movie but doesn’t appear on the sound track. Can you or anyone share with me the name of the song? It sounds like Tommy Mccook or Roland Alphonso.. has that tenor sax slow rythm. Thanks for your help

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