Computer Data Backup Options

Computer Data Backup Options

How important is the stuff on your computer? If you treasure your sequences, images, bookmarks, email, and all your software, then you must get into the habit of backing up your computer’s hard drive. Having special data backup software simplifies the whole thing. Here are some resources for helping you keep your info from flying away for good.

Super Duper
We use Super Duper to maintain a clone of our main system drive, so that if it ever goes down, we can be back online in the short minute it takes to swap in a new drive.



Synchronize Pro X!
We use Synchronize Pro X! to make daily backups of all the data in our studio to our Thecus N5200PRO network-based server and our off-site backup, as well as to sync our music library and project folders between workstations.


Time Machine
We use time machine as a file archive, as it keeps old and deleted files as long as possible for easy recovery. It also serves as redundant backup.



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