News-June 2009

I really want to keep this more current. I am on Facebook and MySpace (barely) and am finally keeping things on Twitter as well. I just completed the score to The Tortured, working with director Darren Lynn Bousman. He’s a great guy, and while his name doesn’t appear on the film (he came in later to rework the film from the ground up), his mark is everywhere. Hopefully a score will be out shortly. Waiting to find out about the release of the film.
I’m pleased that the 2nd Edition of The Reel World is ACTUALLY OUT! I hope to have copies to sign soon as well. If you are interested, drop me a line.
I’ll be at the Aspen Music Festival again this year. I missed last year due to obligations in China prepping for the Olympics. But I’ll be artist-in-residence from July 9th to the 14th. Aspen in the summer is unbelievably beautiful, and I hear that this year is no exception.

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